Venison Roast

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    I have tried posting threads similar to this, but it never seems to take off. I would love to have more input as cooking is the "joy after the hunt!"

    As for a roast, the below recipes are killer!

    1) Crock Pot Roast
    - Roast
    - 1 onion cubed
    - 1 Potatoe cubed
    - Carrots
    - Beef boullion cube
    - Garlic cloves stuffed into roast (optional)

    Place onion and potatoes on bottom of crock pot until bottom is covered so as not to burn roast. Place roast on top of this layer and fill in rest with remaining vegetables. Pour broth into crockpot until roast is 3/4 covered. Use water to make up difference if you need more liquid. Season to liking (salt, pepper, Lawry's, cajun?). Also, I prefer a thawed roast, but I have seen a roast go from freezer to pot with success. If frozen, you must account for the extra thawed liquid. Cook on High for 1-2 hours and on low for another 6-7. Meat will be forking good!

    2) Deer BBQ
    - Roast, thawed and cubed into 2"x2" pieces
    - 1 onion cubed
    - beef boullion cube
    - Favorit BBQ Sauce

    Cook as described in the above recipe...onion on bottom, roast pieces, beef broth and water. Cook 1-2 hours high, 6-7 low. Once cooked, I take and shred the meat on a seperate pan and drain the liquid. I also cut up and mince the onions. Mix onions and meat together with your favorite bbq sauce and let simmer 20-30 min.

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