What brand and style cross bow do you like and why?

Discussion in 'Crossbow Forum' started by Muzzy2, May 6, 2016.

  1. Muzzy2

    Muzzy2 New Member

    I shoot a reverse limb Horton Storm,
    I love the reverse limb design for balance and lack of recoil that conventional X bows have.
    It chrono's at 365fps.
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  2. Dan Bieling

    Dan Bieling New Member

    Wicked Ridge Invader HP... Shoots about 330fps. Very accurate out to 50 yards. I've shot one deer with it so far. Hoping to stick another this year. It's so easy to shoot my 9 year old daughter can consistently hit bullseyes with it at 30 yards.
  3. Steve

    Steve New Member

    I like the Excalibur grizzley I purchased last year. Pin point accuracy out to 50 yards.
  4. shuwarrior5723

    shuwarrior5723 New Member

    I like the Barnett Raptor FX. I used my Uncles crossbow during the crossbow season last year and I went ahead and bought my own. For $320 for the complete package was worth it to me. The crossbow is perfect for my needs and is a great crossbow in my book.
  5. Steven Conklin

    Steven Conklin New Member

    I have a carbon express and I purchased a crank for it. I really like the way carbon express designed the bow and crank and its convenience of being able to crank the bow up and then take the crank off the bow to get it out of the way!

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